Wednesday, October 14, 2009

James "Thomas Moore" Griffin

Cardinal Griffin, the hammer of heretics, the light of the orient, and the arbiter of Christendom.
Here are some pictures which I used for reference in the background detailsThis is the completed drawing in colour and black and white ink.Here are some prepatory sketches in which I planned the form of the composition.James is devout young historically and theologically attentive Baroque gentleman, whose historism has led him to irreversibly indulge in the culture and character of superior times. It is often imagined that the study of history, rather than a mere assembly of chronology and data, is meant to shape ones character- producing a sympathy with the past and those customs and concerns associated with their times. James's intellectual adventurism has lead him unto a path into the premodern era of higher culture and more splendid devotion, from which few can suitably follow and he cannot be expected to return unchanged. In this composition, I attempted to portray James as he truly is, situated in the era of the baroque Ancien Regime, rather than interned in our present circumstances which are wholly alien to him. As such, James is depicted in a heroic stance of conquerors and kings. James is a cardinal, soldier, and law-giver. With one hand he gives order and harmony to Asia. With the other, he attentively grasps the hilt of his sword as he pivots his body towards the West and his perpetual devotion to the Catholic faith. Although the composition is devided in two, representing James's divided intellectual and ethnic heritage, their remains a continuity of devotion and fidelity which follows from the kowtowing Asian businessman at the far right unto the adoration of the splendid Eucharist at the far left. Let all who see this know, that James hast cast out the demons of modernity unto the outer darkness, and restored harmony, filiality, and devotion to the world! Praise Jahmes.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Don Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez, Baron of the Panamas, San Antonio, and Gran Columbia!

"Imagination Rules the World!" -Napoleon BonapartePhotographed and smaller scanned image of completed pictureCompleted black and white ink drawingPablo's black and white body without colour or backgroundPrepatory pencil sketch of Pablo's reclining pose with ink sketch of background details.Coronation of Napoleon painting overlayed upon Goethe image used for referencePablo is a politically and philosophically astute gentleman, dandy , romantic, socialite, and messianic populist revolutionary. To meet Pablo is to be struck by his intense admiration of the great populist Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as his commitment to lessening the burden of capitalism and securing the hearts of the people through a cult of personality. As native of Panama and a student in Texas, Pablo might be thought to be a man of two worlds. Yet Pablo's only true home lies in an undiluted vision of the future, in which the popular enthusiasm of bonapartism finds its truest expression in the majesty of European costume, pageantry, and royalty. In this caricature, I attempted to capture the visionary romanticism of Goethe, the dandyism of Oscar Wilde, and the monumental presence of a popular leader whose ideals and inspiration descends from the heavens rather than the city of man.