Thursday, August 23, 2007

Katelyn in Kolor!

I had practiced drawing Lauren and Katelyn for their visit in June, but when they came to the park I was too nervous to draw a proper cariacture(the drawing was embarassingly aweful) so I decided to redo it at home. I put it off all summer, but I finally got around to finishing it last night.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last Post of '07 Season

This couple was exceedingly nice. They asked to be Zeus and
Aphrodite without prompting. I wasn't sure what to do for the Goddess of Love so
I made her a bit naked. Scandalous, I know...

This guy was a big Superman fan. He had ridden the Superman coaster
quite a few times and had Superman earrings. He had very well defined muscles so
I played on that. When I finished he fell out of his chair laughing. He couldn't
get over how "awesome" he thought it was. I liked it too
This family was from England and although they weren't as talkative
as my Irish families, I did get them to tell me a little bit about that old
Island across the pond. The girl was very nice and pretty. She said we didn't
speak funny, but everyone here thought her accent was cute.

This couple didn't know what to get. They were
thinking of doing a Muscle man Bikini Babe body, so I stopped them and suggested
they do "Julius Caesar and Cleopatra". I had to explain to them how Cleopatra
VII snuck into her palace concealed in a rug or else they wouldn't have

I drew a family of 3 kids each individually. This
one was the most fun with the enormous exaggerated hair. The hair is simplified
so as not to take too long with the detailed curls. Curly hair is difficult,
because of the necessity of simplification.

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Last Judgement: FTX 2007 Group Picture

After hours of planning and prelimminary sketches I'm finally finished with this years Group Picture. I drew my inspiration from Raphael's 'The Academy of Athens' and Michelangelo's 'the Last Judgement'. It contains 26 artists from Sea World and Fiesta Texas. Included are(from left to right):
Robert: Velociraptor fleeing Angel's Spermatoza
Brendan: Tall lanky guy dusting off Nicky's book with a broomstick
Nicky: Short girl with enormous Harry Potter Book
Jackie: Tall girl with Beautiful hair and an airbrush compressor
Karen: Short Black/Asian girl chilling on the back of Christina/horse
Tyler: Riding Christina/horse and spraying Angel/Sperm with disenfectant
Taylor: Noble Optimus Prime battling Decepticons
Angel: Spermatoza fleeing from disenfectant attempting to seed Robert
Katelyn: The Lady of Ladyships w/Halo
Christina: Horse who's recently lost alot of weight
Mel: Virgin Mary
Ryan Haecker: Plato debating while thinking of her Ladyship
Flanigan: Jesus/Zeus casting judgement
Ryan Otto: Jean Paul Sartre Debating while thinking of a nice Vegan Salad
Lindsey: Virgin Mary #2
Lauren: Pushing Sam wearing a nurse's hat and some nice new shoes
Jeff: Giraffe eating Otto's nice salad
Sam: Battling the incredible Hulk
Kelcie: Evil Megatron shooting Optimus Prime
Patrick: The Incredible Hulk battling Sam Lotfi
Derek: Boxer fighting Jaime
Ryan Foerster: Holding up musical harmica w/o shirt and lots of hair
Randy: Spartan helping Pat/Hulk
Kevin: Spartan with HighButt held aloft by Randy's Spear
Jaime: Caporeira fighting Derek

the Fall of Rome

Sam Lotfi has been planning this one for awhile. I think he's implying that I'm long winded and an admirer of antiquity.
This appeared on the Rockville board. I don't think everyone appreciates Katelyn as much as I do.

This nice fellow wanted to be doing Karate but I kept making jokes about how much he looked like Jesus. So he asked if he could be Jesus doing Karate.

This couple wanted it in B/W. When she saw it she couldn't stop laughing or telling me how amazing it was. She really liked it.

This drunk couple was very appreciative and talkative. She insisted upon a Snake in the picture.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bald men and Bodies

This First couple came to me with their Grandkids. I was thinking, 'Oh no I have to draw more toddlers'. Then he asked me if I'd seen 300 and if I could draw him with 'Huge Muscles'. It was really fun and attracted alot of attention.

This couple had seen the 300 drawing and waited for an hour for their sketch. He wanted me to decide what kind of body to give them. He required that he be smoking and she be skinny.